Process Chemistry Ontology

PROCO covers process chemistry, the chemical field concerned with scaling up laboratory syntheses to commercially viable processes.

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Previously named the Ontology of Process Chemistry (OPC), the PROcess Chemistry Ontology (PROCO) is aimed to be a community-based ontology in the domain of process chemistry, which is a branch of chemistry (including pharmaceutical chemistry) that studies the development and optimization of the production processes for chemical compounds, and the scaling up of laboratory chemical reactions into commercially viable routes. Key considerations are product quality, process robustness, economics, environmental sustainability, regulatory compliance and safety.

PROCO was initiated as a collaborative project between Merck and Unversity of Michigan. Oliver He from Unversity of Michigan received a Merck fund and has been actively working with Wes Schafer at Merck on the PROCO development. Later our PROCO development team has been expanded to include more developers, including Anna Dunn and Zachary E. X. Dance.

The PROCO development has also got support and collaboration with the Allotrope Foundation.