Each OBO Foundry Role is designed to manage a single aspect of the day-to-day activities of the OBO Foundry. This document presents the SOPs for role recruitment and retirement, and the expectations and responsibilities common to all roles.

General SOPs for role recruitment and retirement

  • The duration of an appointment to a role is 1 year, with the possibility of extension.
  • Role assignments will be reviewed during the first OBO Operations Committee call that falls in December each year.
  • Any OBO Operations Committee member may nominate a candidate for a given role. Alternatively, candidates can be self-nominated. New volunteers are particularly encouraged to participate.
  • Candidates for each role should read this document and all documents pertaining to the role of interest, acknowledge that they understand the involved duties, and agree to fulfill them to the best of their ability.
  • Each candidate must submit an application for a role to the OBO Operations Committee. The application should outline the motivation for taking on the role as well as describe the skillsets that will make them suitable for that role.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the OBO Operations Committee. Decisions for appointing a member of the community to a role will be based on vote during an OBO Operations Call. A positive outcome occurs (that is, the appointment is approved) if the candidate receives at least 70% votes in favor by OBO Operations Committee members present during the OBO Operations Call. There must be at least 5 votes in favour of the appointment.
  • Any OBO Operations Committee member may suggest that an individual be removed from a role. In such case, a vote must be called to enact the removal during an OBO Operations Call. A postive outcomes occurs (that is, the removal is implemented) if at least 70% of the OBO Operations Committee members present in the call are in favor of removal.
  • Removal from a role only impacts the privileges granted as part of the role (e.g., revoking Google Admin rights or GitHub Maintainer rights), at the discretion of the Working Group managing the role. It does not remove the person from OBO Operations Committee membership.

Expectations and responsibilities common to all roles

  • Role holders should announce extended absences (more than 1 month) so that the role can be covered by another OBO Foundry Operations Committee team member. Absences–or desire to retire–should be reported to the respective OBO Working Group liaison (usually the OBO Foundry Committee Technical Working Group liaison) and be announced in an email to the OBO Operations Commitee mailing list.
  • All role holders must manage themselves proactively: there is no line management structure. It is therefore critical that the role holder take their duties responsibly.


A list of all roles is available here.