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For full details, see this paper:

Briefly, some important things to remember:

  • use rdfs:label for the primary label
  • include exactly one rdfs:label for every declared entity (e.g. class, property)
  • write labels, synonyms, etc as if writing in plain English text. ie use spaces to separate words, only capitalize proper names (e.g. Parkinson disease). Do not use CamelCase, do_not_use_underscores
  • avoid extra spaces between words, or at the beginning or end of the term label
  • spell out abbreviations. Abbreviations can be included as a separate property.
  • make the primary labels to be as unambiguous as possible. Remember, your ontology may be used in a different context than that for which it was originally intended. Remember also of course that the label should be unambiguous without looking at parent terms
  • labels should be unique within an ontology
  • use the IAO property ‘obo foundry unique label’ to declare a pan-OBO unique label if required

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