Members of the OBO Foundry Operations Committee aim to improve the flow of operations and make things happen within the OBO Foundry. Such operations include, but are not limited to, establishment of policies, review of resources, outreach and education.

The OBO Operations commitee is committed to openness and accountability. In this spirit, we make the meeting notes from OBO Operation calls public. In addition, we strive to record decisions and action items as issues on the public OBO GitHub tracker as much as possible.

Organization of the OBO Foundry Operations Committee

To best perform those activities, the OBO Foundry Operations Committee is divided into working groups. The working groups are self-organized and membership is contingent upon active participation. All active members are required to take on tasks to maintain active standing. Policies are proposed and voted upon by active members. A process for policy approval will be formalized.

Current working groups include:

  • The Editorial Working Group is involved in reviewing OBO Foundry ontologies and setting policies. Primary tasks are to conduct reviews, as well as all activities that enable that process, such as tool building for automated validation, website maintenance of the review results, or leading calls and taking notes.

  • The Technical Working Group is involved in maintaining the technical infrastructure for the OBO Foundry. This includes establishment of policies to be implemented in common tools, website maintenance, calls, etc.

  • The Outreach Working Group is involved in public relations for the OBO Foundry. This includes monitoring and following up discussions on mailing lists, preparing documentation and educational materials, and presenting OBO Foundry activities at workshops, conferences, or other venues.

The members of the Operations Committee are listed here.

New members should follow the instructions on the onboarding doc.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs)

This page documents the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the OBO Foundry Operations Committee.

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in becoming part of the OBO Operations Committee, please see this page to find out about the nomination and onboarding process.