ICEO: Integrative and Conjugative Element Ontology

ICEO is a community-driven ontology to represent, standardize, and integrate bacterial integrative and conjugative elements (ICEs) and to support computer-assisted reasoning.

The integrative and conjugative elements (ICEs) are modular mobile genetic elements that are integrated into a host genome and are passively propagated during chromosomal replication and cell division. We generated an ICE database called ICEberg ( The ICEO is developed to first systematically represent the ICE information collected in the database. The ICEO will also be further used to enhance the ICEberg and support various applications.


Meng Liu, Hong-Yu Ou and Yongqun He. ICEO: a biological ontology for representing and analyzing the bacterial integrative and conjugative element. The 10th International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO-2019), July 30-August 2, 2019, at Buffalo, NY, USA. Full length paper.



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