This policy has been formally adopted on October 16th 2013. Do not edit this page without consulting with the OBO Foundry Operations Committee. Comments should be added to the tracker.

How to add a new policy

  1. Working group approves the policy

    • WG may determine on their own how to approve a policy, but, generally, there should be an opportunity for all WG members to participate in the decision.
    • Suggest that WG circulate the policy on their internal list for two weeks before final approval.
  2. After approval by the WG, the proposed policy is circulated on the Operation Committee mailing list for one week for comments.

  3. After approval by the Operations Committee, the wiki page(s) summarizing the policy are frozen and then announced on obo-discuss

    • Allow two weeks for discussion on obo-discuss
  4. WG makes any adjustments necessary based on feedback from obo-discuss. If these are substantive changes, re-announce the revised policy and allow another two weeks for comment. If minor changes or none, the WG can finalize the policy at the end of the two week review period.

  5. Finalized policy is announce on obo-discuss and wiki page is frozen.

When policy is arises from general meetings and is not within the jurisdiction of a working group

Proposed policy is brought up at a general meeting or via the group email list.

There should be at least two weeks between when a policy is first raised (via email or at a meeting) before any decision is made on the policy. This means that is a policy cannot be approved at the same meeting during which it is first raised, because all members of the group must have the opportunity to comment on the proposal, and some members may be absent from a meeting.


The WG who creates the wiki page should include a header to specify if the page shows a policy that is under review or finalized (locked).

Whenever possible, policy decisions should go through the appropriate working group before review by the operations committee.