Locus of Authority Automated Check

Discussion on this check can be found here.


  1. The ontology must have a single contact person


First, read the FAQ on how to edit the metadata for your ontology.

Next, determine who the point person for your ontology project is. This must not be a mailing list. If this person does not already have a GitHub account, we request that they create one. Then, add the following to your metadata file (replacing with the correct email, name, and GitHub username):

 label: John Smith
 github: jsmith123


The registry data entry is validated with JSON schema using the contact schema. The contact schema ensures that a contact entry is present and that the entry has a name and email address.

import jsonschema

import dash_utils
from dash_utils import format_msg

contact_schema = dash_utils.load_schema('dependencies/contact.json')

def has_contact(data):
   """Check fp 11 - locus of authority.

   Check if the registry data contains a valid contract entry.

       data (dict): ontology registry data from YAML file

       PASS or ERROR with optional help message
       jsonschema.validate(data, contact_schema)
   except jsonschema.exceptions.ValidationError as ve:
       if 'contact' in data:
           # contact is in data but is not proper format
           return {'status': 'ERROR',
                   'comment': 'Invalid contact information'}
           # contact entry is missing from data
           return {'status': 'ERROR',
                   'comment': 'Missing contact information'}
   return {'status': 'PASS'}