You will be responsible for gatekeeping community changes to the website and supporting the development of additional website features.


  • Checking at least weekly for website-related issues and pull requests. This involves changes to all files files in the OBO Foundry Website Repository apart from the following paths, which are handled by others:
    • (the metadata schema)
    • (the ontology metadata)
    • (the OBO Foundry member metadata)
  • Tagging website related issues and pull requests with ‘attn: OFOC call’ if they need to be discussed by the Operations Committee. Provide instructions what needs to be discussed.
  • Assessing pull requests conservatively, by accepting changes that improve visual presentation, but carefully weighing the introduction of new code (dynamic features etc) against the cost of future maintainability. Introduction of code for new languages aside from python, javascript, HTML and Liquid should be avoided.
  • Providing guidance for website-related issues and pull requests.
  • The Website Coordinator is required to fix bugs with significant impact on visual presentation and functioning on the website proactively.
  • The Website Coordinator is not required to proactively implement new website features or fix bugs that do not impact the visual presentation and functioning of the website significantly, but may choose to do so at their own discretion.
  • Provide monthly summary to Technical Working Group OBO Operations liaison for report to OBO Operations Committee.