This page describes members and activities of the OBOFOC Technical WG.


The OBOFOC Technical WG is involved in maintaining the technical infrastructure for the OBO Foundry. This includes establishment of policies to be implemented in common tools, website maintenance, calls, etc.


(in alphabetical order of surname)
Colin Batchelor, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK
Melanie Courtot, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
Chris Mungall, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, USA
James A. Overton,, Toronto, Canada
Alan Ruttenberg, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, USA
Carlo Torniai (on leave)
Jie Zheng, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA


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Contact Us

The best way to contact the OBO Foundry Technical Working Group is through the issue tracker. Select the Technical group template or the Prefix/domain request template.

The mailing list for the OBO Foundry Technical Working Group is This is currently a closed list, but non-members can post to the list.