The calendar is publicly available to view at Please see below for how to add it to your own calendar.

The OBO Foundry calendar is a public google calendar for all to add to their own collection and/or embed into their wikis. Public means everybody can see it; however only a subset of people can edit it.

This calendar contains event such as (1) projects meetings, for example the regular OBI developer call or the ad-hoc OGMS discussion on diagnosis (2) events of interest to the community: the NCBO webinars, or the ontolog sessions (3) meetings and workshops, such as ICBO, NCBO events etc. Deadlines would be acceptable (e.g. September 5th, deadline for tutorial proposal for conference W)

Personal information is not be appropriate (e.g. Z on vacation) and posting of those will result in editing right being revoked.

Having all the information centralized would make it easier to identify possible scheduling conflicts (some people are involved in several projects), and have quick access to conferences.

Maintenance of the calendar is done on a per request basis, and only approved people have editing rights to prevent spamming.

Add the OBO Foundry calendar to your own

The iCal URL of the OBO foundry calendar is

To add it to your google calendar, select Other calendars in the left menu, then click the arrow and chose “add by URL”

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When replying to a calendar invitation you need to accept/decline in your own copy of the event. Declining an event in the shared calendar deletes it for everybody.