The OBO Foundry Operations Committee is pleased to announce the inclusion of the Disease Ontology (DO) as a full member of the the OBO Foundry.

DO was reviewed by the OBO Foundry Editorial Working Group and found to perform well when measured against accepted OBO Foundry Principles. Consequently, the Editorial WG recommended that DO be given full member status as OBO Foundry Ontologies. This decision was ratified by the OBO Foundry Operations Committee.

A full copy of the review and response will be available as soon the OBO Foundry Ontology Reviews page is updated. An announcement will be made here when it is available. If you would like a copy of those documents sooner, please contact the OBO Foundry Outreach Working Group at

In addition to conducting the reviews, the Editorial Working Group has been working hard to establish a fair and consistent review policy and workflow and to develop additional guidance to ontology editors on how to apply the OBO Foundry Principles.