Every ontology in the registry is automatically in OntoBee, so we automatically provide a link to OntoBee.

You can add links to other browsers by adding entires in the browsers section of your metadata file. Please see the how-do-i-edit-metadata entry in the FAQ for details of editing your metadata.

For example, see the metadata for the /ontology/hp.html (click on “View” in the left panel to see the metadata).

It will contain an entry something like this:

  - label: HPO
    title: Charite HPO Browser
    url: http://www.human-phenotype-ontology.org/hpoweb/showterm?id=HP:0000118
  - label: Monarch
    title: Monarch Phenotype Page
    url: http://monarchinitiative.org/phenotype/HP:0000118

browsers is a multifield key. In YAML, each element in an array is indicated by the -s. Each such element must have label (this is used to render the button), title and url (the actual link).

Future expansions

In future we hope to enhance this:

  • embeddable browsers
  • embeddable search
  • automatic links to OLS and BioPortal

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