Uberon is an integrated cross-species ontology covering anatomical structures in animals. See the Uberon website for more info, or read the Uberon paper in Genome Biology.



uberon.owl Uberon core ontology
uberon/uberon-base.owl Uberon base ontology Axioms defined within Uberon and to be used in imports for other ontologies [page]
uberon/ext.owl Uberon edition that includes subsets of other ontologies and axioms connecting to them Uberon extended
uberon/basic.obo Uberon basic Uberon edition that excludes external ontologies and most relations
uberon/bridge/uberon-bridge-to-zfa.owl Uberon bridge to ZFA Taxonomic equivalence axioms connecting zebrafish-specific classes to generic uberon counterparts [page]
uberon/bridge/uberon-bridge-to-ma.owl Uberon bridge to MA Taxonomic equivalence axioms connecting adult mouse specific classes to generic uberon counterparts [page]
uberon/composite-metazoan.owl Uberon composite metazoan ontology Extended uberon plus all metazoan ontologies [page]
uberon/composite-vertebrate.owl Uberon composite vertebrate ontology [page]

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