How do I request an ontology term?

Every ontology project has an issue tracker that the developers use to keep track of terms to add and problems to fix. Look for “Trackers” on the right side of the page for each ontology on this site. For example, on the Gene Ontology page you’ll see the tracker is

Before you request a new term, please search OntoBee or BioPortal for the term you want and its synonyms. An OBO ontology might already include the term you want under a different name. Check the OBO home page to find appropriate ontologies.

To request a new term, you can send a new term request on the issue tracker of the appropriate ontology. For example, to request a new relation from Relations Ontology, you can post new term request on the RO tracker.

When you do submit a request for a new term, please follow any term submission guidelines for the project. See the OBO Tutorial for some general advice.

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