• We should have an integrated environment with the information currently in the boo foundry website and in the OBO Foundry wiki
  • We will need to identify the content and functionalities
    • Automatic update about OBO Foundry ontologies and their metrics (including the new assessments of OBO Foundry Principles compliancy)
    • Bing able to link to review status and review trackers for each ontology that is under review


  • Integration in one platform (OBO foundry wiki / OBO Foundry website)

    • Evaluate CC wiki:
      • Assess what should be done to use it
      • Assess functionalitieis
  • Identify (talking with Alan and Chris) what has to be integrated in terms of where the current content lives

  • Content

    • Identify what would be the content of this new integrated wiki
  • Redesign the look and feel