The Ontologies of the OBO Foundry

Current Principles

OBO consists of ontologies which either conform to, or are committed to working towards conforming to, the OBO Foundry principles. The OBO coordinators are committed to working with ontology developers to aid this process, and they are also committed to keeping these Foundry Principles under review.

Ontology Table

Our main page contains a tabular listing of the current set of ontologies in the OBO Foundry. The table can be sorted by clicking on column headings, and you can find further information by clicking on the ontology name.


All of the current set of ontologies in the OBO Foundry are available here to download in a variety of different formats: obo_xml, obo format, owl, chadoxml, rdf, tabular, prolog, and others. Updated nightly.

Ontology repository

Many of the OBO Foundry ontologies are maintained in this CVS repository. You can browse and download the active versions of these ontologies here.