The OBO Foundry is a collaborative experiment involving developers of science-based ontologies who are establishing a set of principles for ontology development with the goal of creating a suite of orthogonal interoperable reference ontologies in the biomedical domain. The groups developing ontologies who have expressed an interest in this goal are listed below, followed by other relevant efforts in this domain.

In addition to a listing of OBO ontologies, this site also provides a statement of the OBO Foundry principles, discussion fora, technical infrastructure, and other services to facilitate ontology development. We welcome feedback and encourage participation.

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OBO Foundry ontologies
Title Domain Prefix File Last changed
Biological process biological process GO go.obo   [Tracker]
Phenotypic quality phenotype PATO quality.obo   [Tracker]
Molecular function biological function GO go.obo   [Tracker]
Xenopus anatomy and development anatomy XAO xenopus_anatomy.obo   [Tracker]
Plant Ontology anatomy and development PO plant_ontology.obo?view=co   [Tracker]
Zebrafish anatomy and development anatomy ZFA zfa.obo   [Tracker]
Cellular component anatomy GO go.obo   [Tracker]
Chemical entities of biological interest biochemistry CHEBI chebi.obo   [Tracker]
PRotein Ontology (PRO) proteins PR pro.obo   [Tracker]
Ontology for biomedical investigations experiments OBI obi.owl   [Tracker]
OBO Foundry candidate ontologies and other ontologies of interest
Title Domain Prefix File Last changed
Ontology for MIRNA Target Prediction OMIT OMIT.owl
Cell Line Ontology CLO clo.owl
Comparative Data Analysis Ontology CDAO cdao.owl
Mouse gross anatomy and development, abstract anatomy EMAPA EMAPA.obo
Uber anatomy ontology, basic version anatomy uberon-basic basic.obo
Vertebrate Taxonomy Ontology VTO vto.owl   [Tracker]
Influenza Ontology health FLU flu.owl   [Tracker]
C. elegans development anatomy WBls worm_development.obo
Chemical Methods Ontology health CHMO chmo.owl   [Tracker]
NCI Thesaurus health ncithesaurus EVS/
Drosophila Phenotype Ontology FBcv dpo.owl
Ontology of Genetic Susceptibility Factor OGSF ogsf.owl   [Tracker]
Chemical Information Ontology biochemistry CHEMINF cheminf.owl
Biological Spatial Ontology anatomy BSPO bspo.obo   [Tracker]
Vertebrate Skeletal Anatomy Ontology anatomy VSAO vsao.obo   [Tracker]
The Drug Ontology health DRON dron.owl   [Tracker]
Beta Cell Genomics Ontology BCGO bcgo.owl   [Tracker]
Environment Ontology environment ENVO envo-basic.obo   [Tracker]
Mouse adult gross anatomy anatomy MA ma.obo   [Tracker]
Emotion Ontology health MFOEM mfoem.owl   [Tracker]
Lipid Ontology lipids LiPrO LipidOntology
Mouse gross anatomy and development, timed anatomy EMAP EMAP_combined.obo
Ontology for Parasite LifeCycle OPL opl.owl   [Tracker]
Mouse pathology health MPATH mpath.obo
Drosophila gross anatomy anatomy FBbt fbbt.obo   [Tracker]
Cardiovascular Disease Ontology health CVDO cvdo.owl   [Tracker]
Adverse Event Reporting Ontology health AERO aero.owl
Relation ontology all RO ro.owl
Software ontology SWO swo_merged.owl
The Ontology of Genes and Genomes OGG ogg.owl   [Tracker]
Mammalian phenotype phenotype MP MPheno_OBO.ontology   [Tracker]
Teleost Anatomy Ontology anatomy TAO tao.obo   [Tracker]
eagle-i resource ontology resources ERO ero.owl   [Tracker]
Physico-chemical methods and properties FIX fix.obo
Kinetic Simulation Algorithm Ontology algorithms KISAO KISAO   [Tracker]
NIF Cell neuroscience NIF_Cell NIF-Cell.owl
Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology anatomy HAO hao.owl
BRENDA tissue / enzyme source anatomy BTO BrendaTissueOBO
Foundational Model of Anatomy (subset) anatomy FMA fma.obo   [Tracker]
C. elegans phenotype phenotype WBPhenotype wbphenotype.obo
Microarray experimental conditions experiments MO MGEDOntology.owl
Systems Biology biochemistry SBO SBO_OBO.obo   [Tracker]
verteberate Homologous Organ Groups anatomy vHOG vHOG.obo
NMR-instrument specific component of metabolomics investigations experiments NMR NMR.owl
Ontology of Biological Attributes phenotype OBA oba.owl
Mental Functioning Ontology MF mf.owl   [Tracker]
Cell type anatomy CL cl.owl   [Tracker]
RNA ontology molecular structure RNAO rnao.obo
Sample processing and separation techniques provenance SEP sep.obo
Pathogen transmission health TRANS transmission_process.obo   [Tracker]
Exposure ontology health ExO CTD_exposure_ontology.obo
NCBI organismal classification taxonomy NCBITaxon taxonomy.dat
Units of measurement phenotype UO unit.obo
Mosquito insecticide resistance environment MIRO miro.obo
Information Artifact Ontology information IAO iao.owl   [Tracker]
Epidemiology Ontology EPO epo.owl
Evidence codes experiments ECO eco.obo
Platynereis stage ontology anatomy PD_ST Pdu_Stages.obo
Uber anatomy ontology anatomy UBERON ext.owl   [Tracker]
Fission Yeast Phenotype Ontology phenotype FYPO fypo.obo?format=raw   [Tracker]
Protein-protein interaction experiments MI psi-mi25.obo
Neuro Behavior Ontology behavior NBO behavior.owl   [Tracker]
Variation Ontology VariO vario.obo
Taxonomic rank vocabulary taxonomy TAXRANK taxrank.obo
Porifera Ontology anatomy PORO poro.owl   [Tracker]
Infectious disease health IDO ido.owl   [Tracker]
Basic Formal Ontology upper BFO 1.1
Malaria Ontology health IDOMAL idomal.obo
homology_ontology HOM homology_ontology.obo
C. elegans gross anatomy anatomy WBbt wbbt.obo   [Tracker]
Plant Environmental Conditions environment EO environment_ontology.obo
NIF Dysfunction neuroscience NIF_Dysfunction NIF-Dysfunction.owl
Mosquito gross anatomy anatomy TGMA tgma.obo
Ontology for genetic interval OGI ogi.owl   [Tracker]
Mathematical modeling ontology MAMO mamo-xml.owl   [Tracker]
Ontology of Medically Related Social Entities medicine OMRSE omrse.owl
Plant Trait Ontology phenotype TO trait.obo?view=co   [Tracker]
Protein covalent bond proteins RESID RESIDUES.XML
Population and Community Ontology PCO pco.owl   [Tracker]
Human disease ontology health DOID doid.obo   [Tracker]
Sequence types and features biological sequence SO so-xp.obo?format=raw   [Tracker]
MIAPA Ontology MIAPA miapa.owl   [Tracker]
Symptom Ontology health SYMP gemina_symptom.obo
Tick gross anatomy anatomy TADS tads.obo
Geographical Entity Ontology GEO geo.owl   [Tracker]
microRNA Ontology miRNAO mirnao.owl
Vaccine ontology health VO vo   [Tracker]
Pathway ontology biological process PW pathway.obo
Ontology for General Medical Science medicine OGMS ogms.owl   [Tracker]
Human developmental anatomy, abstract version, v2 anatomy EHDAA2 ehdaa2.obo
Biological Collections Ontology BCO bco.owl   [Tracker]
Ontology of Vaccine Adverse Events OVAE ovae.owl
Protein modification proteins MOD PSI-MOD.obo
Mass spectrometry experiments MS psi-ms.obo
human phenotype ontology phenotype HP human-phenotype-ontology.obo   [Tracker]
Zebrafish developmental stages anatomy ZFS zfs.obo
Ontology of Adverse Events adverse events, health OAE oae.owl
Physico-chemical process REX rex.obo
Medaka fish anatomy and development anatomy MFO medaka_ontology.obo 2005/11/08
Fly taxonomy taxonomy FBsp fly_taxonomy.obo   [Tracker] 2007/04/10
OBO relationship types (legacy) all OBO_REL ro.obo   [Tracker] 2010/06/07
Drosophila development anatomy FBdv fly_development.obo   [Tracker] 2010/07/01
Common Anatomy Reference Ontology anatomy CARO caro.obo   [Tracker] 2011/12/14
Anatomical Entity Ontology anatomy AEO aeo.obo 2012/06/01
Teleost taxonomy taxonomy TTO teleost_taxonomy.obo   [Tracker] 2012/07/19
Dictyostelium discoideum anatomy anatomy DDANAT dictyostelium_anatomy.obo   [Tracker] 2013/01/19
Biological imaging methods experiments FBbi image.obo 2013/11/05
Spider Ontology anatomy SPD spider_comparative_biology.obo   [Tracker] 2014/01/09
Fungal gross anatomy anatomy FAO fungal_anatomy.obo 2014/02/07
Ascomycete phenotype ontology phenotype APO ascomycete_phenotype.obo 2014/06/30
Mappings between, logical definitions for, bridging, and relations for combining, ontologies
Title Domain Prefix File Last changed
Gazetteer GAZ gaz.owl   [Tracker]

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