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The OBO Foundry is a collaborative experiment involving developers of science-based ontologies who are establishing a set of principles for ontology development with the goal of creating a suite of orthogonal interoperable reference ontologies in the biomedical domain. The groups developing ontologies who have expressed an interest in this goal are listed below, followed by other relevant efforts in this domain.

In addition to a listing of OBO ontologies, this site also provides a statement of the OBO Foundry principles, discussion fora, technical infrastructure, and other services to facilitate ontology development. We welcome feedback and encourage participation.

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Mappings between, logical definitions for, bridging, and relations for combining, ontologies
Title Type Prefix File Last changed
Adult Mouse Anatomy to NCI thesauris mappings ma2ncit ma2ncit.obo
CARO to BFO is_a mappings bridge caro_to_bfo caro_to_bfo.obo
CL to EMAPA mappings mappings CL-EMAPA map_CL-EMAPA.obo
cog2go mapping mappings COG2GO cog2go
ec2go mapping mappings EC2GO ec2go
egad2go mapping mappings EGAD2GO egad2go
environmental entity logical definitions logical_definitions ENVO_XP envo-edit.obo
Fly Anatomy Ontology, pre-reasoned version logical_definitions FBbt_XP fly_anatomy_XP.obo
genprotec2go mapping mappings GENPROTECGO genprotec2go
GO all logical definitions logical_definitions GO_XP_ALL go_xp_all-merged.obo
GO biological_process x cell logical definitions logical_definitions biological_process_xp_cell biological_process_xp_cell.obo
GO biological_process x CHEBI definitions logical_definitions biological_process_xp_chebi biological_process_xp_chebi.obo
GO biological_process x planton definitions logical_definitions biological_process_xp_plant_anatomy biological_process_xp_plant_anatomy.obo
GO biological_process x uberon definitions logical_definitions biological_process_xp_uber_anatomy biological_process_xp_uber_anatomy.obo
GO cellular component internal logical definitions logical_definitions cellular_component_xp_self cellular_component_xp_self.obo
GO cellular component logical definitions using BP and MF logical_definitions cellular_component_xp_go cellular_component_xp_go.obo
GO cellular component to Cell ontology logical definitions logical_definitions cellular_component_xp_cell cellular_component_xp_cell.obo
GO internal logical definitions logical_definitions GO_XP_INTERNAL go_xp_internal-imports.obo
GO logical definitions for multi-species regulation logical_definitions biological_process_xp_multi_organism_process biological_process_xp_multi_organism_process.obo
GO logical_definitions for BP in terms of BP logical_definitions biological_process_xp_self biological_process_xp_self.obo
GO logical_definitions for BP in terms of CC logical_definitions biological_process_xp_cellular_component biological_process_xp_cellular_component.obo 2007/06/17
GO logical_definitions for MF regulation terms logical_definitions molecular_function_xp_regulators molecular_function_xp_regulators.obo
GO molecular_function x CHEBI definitions logical_definitions molecular_function_xp_chebi molecular_function_xp_chebi.obo
GO molecular_function x uberon definitions logical_definitions molecular_function_xp_uber_anatomy molecular_function_xp_uber_anatomy.obo
GO x chemical entity logical definitions logical_definitions go_to_chebi GO_to_ChEBI.obo
hamap2go mapping mappings HAMAP2GO hamap2go
HP all logical definitions, merged logical_definitions HP_XP_ALL human-phenotype-ontology_xp-merged.obo
human_phenotype logical definitions logical_definitions HP_XP human-phenotype-ontology_xp.obo
human_phenotype x anatomy logical definitions logical_definitions HP_XP_FMA human-phenotype-ontology_xp_FMA.obo
interpro2go mapping mappings INTERPRO2GO interpro2go
is_a links to uberon terms bridge uberon_anatomy_ontologies_bridge uberon-bridge.obo
mammalian_phenotype logical definitions logical_definitions MP_XP mp-equivalence-axioms.obo
metacyc2go mapping mappings METACYC2GO metacyc2go
mips2go mapping mappings MIPS2GO mips2go
multifun2go mapping mappings MULTIFUN2GO multifun2go
PATO BFO constraints bridge PATO_BFO_BRIDGE quality_bfo_bridge.obo
pfam2go mapping mappings PFAM2GO pfam2go
plant_trait logical definitions logical_definitions TO_XP trait_xp.obo?view=co
prints2go mapping mappings PRINTS2GO prints2go
prodom2go mapping mappings PRODOM2GO prodom2go
Proposed new relations for RO relations ro_proposed ro_proposed
prosite2go mapping mappings PROSITE2GO prosite2go
reactome2go mapping mappings REACTOM2GO reactome2go
relations for human_phenotype_xp relations HP_XP_REL human-phenotype-ontology_xp_relations.obo
relations for worm_phenotype_xp relations WP_XP_REL worm_phenotype_xp_relations.obo
rfam2go mapping mappings RFAMGO rfam2go
RO BFO domain and range constraints bridge OBO_REL_BFO_BRIDGE ro_bfo1-1_bridge.obo
Sequence Ontology logical definitions logical_definitions SO_XP so-xp.obo
smart2go mapping mappings SMART2GO smart2go
spkw2go mapping mappings SPKW2GO spkw2go
tigr2go mapping mappings TIGR2GO tigr2go
tigrfams2go mapping mappings TIGRFAMS2GO tigrfams2go
UCDHSC Relations relations ro_ucdhsc ro_ucdhsc
um-bbd_enzymeid2go mapping mappings UMBBDENZYMEID2GO um-bbd_enzymeid2go
um-bbd_pathwayid2go mapping mappings UMBBDPATHWAYID2GO um-bbd_pathwayid2go
vHOG_associations mappings vHOG_ASSOC organ_association_vHOG.txt
worm_phenotype logical definitions logical_definitions WP_XP worm_phenotype_xp.obo
worm_phenotype x anatomy logical definitions logical_definitions WP_XP_WBbt worm_phenotype_xp_anatomy.obo
worm_phenotype x anatomy/stages logical definitions logical_definitions WP_XP_WBbt_WBls worm_phenotype_xp_anatomy_and_stages.obo
worm_phenotype x CHEBI logical definitions logical_definitions WP_XP_CHEBI worm_phenotype_xp_chebi.obo
worm_phenotype x GO logical definitions logical_definitions WP_XP_GO worm_phenotype_xp_go.obo
worm_phenotype x GO+CHEBI logical definitions logical_definitions WP_XP_GO_CHEBI worm_phenotype_xp_go_chebi.obo

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